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Jun 4, 2012

How to Master Songs in FL Studio using Maximus - Advanced Tutorial

What is Mastering? The Answer

We use Maximus to master a track.
You need to know some basic things like Gain, Attack, Release etc in compression to understand this mastering process in Maximus.

  • First insert Maximus on master channel.
  • Set the preset to default.
  • Experiment with Each Bands (Low, Mid, High) in Maximus.
  • In Low band, Turn the Soft Saturation threshold to left side.
  • Make sure you turn OFF compressor in Master Section of Maximus.
  • Slightly decrease the Soft Saturation threshold in Master Section to avoid clipping.

This video teaches you in more easier manner. (Click Read more if you can't see the video) 

How to Master Songs in FL Studio 10 - Pro Tutorial

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