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Apr 27, 2012

Top 5 Audio Hosting Websites For Uploading Music



This is the place where i upload my tracks. It is easy to use and also gives a record function which is very cool for a website. You can Create, record and share your anywhere to friends, labels and the world with this website,  as it known as the world's largest community of sound creators.

Check out the official video 


Well, here are the words said by Peace Mercutio.

It offers Profile, Fan Management, Promotions, Shows.
 You can get Paid by selling your tracks and  Manage Content From One Place by uploading songs, photos etc.

Mixcloud is specially for DJs and Radio presenters. It helps connect radio content to listeners. It has the toolkit that helps you upload, promote, distribute and track it all!  
Check out their official video.

SoundClick offers free member profile pages, mp3 downloads, streaming audio and video, music charts, custom radio stations, a proprietary music store, message boards, lyrics and music e-cards. SoundClick also offers users the ability to promote their favorite music with viral widgets. lets you effortlessly keep a record of what you listen to* from any player. Based on your taste, recommends you more music and concerts!

It gives you some great tools for promoting, selling and sharing your tracks. It also has a Stats feature where you can track on you audience.

Note: All the websites reviewed above have audio player embedding feature.

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