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Apr 22, 2012

Submit Your track for "Track of the Week"


In the contact form given below, you have to post your best track link (only Youtube and SoundCloud) and we'll choose the best one among them to feature. The featured track will be changed every sunday so you are free to send your links anytime. Your video should have a quality sound and made by yourself. I recommend you to send the track which is different from others as we love experimental.

We'll also feature that video as a new post named as "Track of the Week (month).

You can send your links via email at (Click to open Outlook Client)
Click here if you use GMAIL

or here at contact form

Will love to hear from you soon.
Good Luck :)

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  1. Aside from the length of that video, i love the quirkiness of that upbeat trance melody. I am keeping a tab of your vlog for my online learning videos collections. Cheers mate!


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