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Apr 4, 2012

Agnivesh Trance FL Studio Project File Gift

I have a new Gift for you. As i already have got too many requests for flps files, i decided to give one of my FL Project files. In this project, I have converted all the VSTi sounds to FL Sounds so everyone could able use this project without any problems. It was too hard to convert but still it sounds little bit different from the original track.

After download, make sure you unzipped the downloaded file to a specific directory then you open the project file. This project is only for learning purpose.

Original Track Video

I can't give you some vengeance sample such as Crowd, Claps effects due to copyright issues.

The file is 1.96 MB in size.
Download this FL Studio Project File (FLP) here

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  1. Thank you for this great act of generosity.

  2. what an offering such a well put together track
    hope nobody f"""" you over if everybody understand how hard it can get to put together a track like that you should be respected enough for peeps not to take advantage of this if some one does he/she will be a f""""" fake ass talentless mothaf""""" im gonna remix the track and get back to you


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