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Mar 10, 2012

What is the difference between Mixing and Mastering

Mixing & mastering both are different from each other.


Well, mixing is the process of adjusting levels and EQing each particular sound to get a very well mixed sound of all the sounds. In this process, we edit each channels of sound in mixer. Every particular channel in a mixer should be mixed in such a way that it produce a clean crisp sound during a playback of the whole track. It also involves compression, reverberation, stereo expansion. For example, we add compressor on kick and bass to avoid pushing down of levels of other sounds. There are more purpose of compressor. We add EQ tools or effects to avoid destructive interference between the frequencies of all the sounds.


Now you know what is mixing. But you need to bring loudness in your track which is the process of mastering. Mastering is nothing but the bringing loudness with out losing dynamic range as much possible in your whole track. This process is done in master channel of mixer which receives all the sounds from the mixer channels. Mastering involves Limiting, compression, dynamic range optimisation, reverberation, EQ,. (use either limiter or compressor not both).
Hope this helped you to understand the process of mixing and mastering.

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  1. mannn Mixing and Mastering are Husband and Wife.....u should not put too much differences between them.....

    1. Mixing and Mastering are not husband and wife. There are a lot of differences between them.

      A badly mixed track will not be magically polished by mastering, on the contrary it's flaws will be amplified further resulting in a horrible sounding track.

      For the online mastering engineer to produce a really good master, the artist must provide a well mixed track or else it is useless.


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