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Mar 29, 2012

Tips for Starting up Track - Music Composition

Here are the simple tips for starting up a track for beginners. 

  1. Choose a great lead instrument.
  2. Make a Good Theme (main melody) for your track. 
  3. Make a rhythm with it. Don't try to add bass and other pads or guitar too early. These are for later work.
  4. Now experiment with the main lead like adding chords, modulation etc.
  5. Experiment with the rhythm. Try adding hats and snares. If you think it is not sounding good, don't replace it with other but try to mix it (mix volume) with the lead. 
  6. Now add bass to it. Try to make different notes from the main melody. It sounds good.
  7. Make a build up in your playlist (Arrangement of each instruments).
  8. Try adding effects and get a windy sound that could help you to make a build up.
  9. Now you can experiment with other sounds such as guitar, arps, vocals etc. 
  10. Great mixing is the friend of ears which doesn't cause any bad harsh sound or noise in the background. Have a great mix to your tracks.

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  1. thanks for the tips man

  2. Great job Agnivesh...! Keep up your spirit!!!

  3. Nice one.., I feel happy to be visiting here. ^_^ thanks for ur tips.., success for u Agnivesh.


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