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Mar 6, 2012

10 Things must be avoided for Music Production


Here i m sharing my experiences of FL Studio with you. I keep these ideas in my mind during a music production. Here are my ideas.

In your DAW, you should avoid : 
  • Clipping of the whole track and clipping of any particular channel.
  • More than one compressor or limiter in a single channel.
  • The use of too much Stereo Enhancer.
  • Stereoization of Bass and Kick instead of use of more layers of bass and kick with Panned.
  • Reverb in master channel with 0 low cut.
  • Too much compression on a track as it losses the dynamic range.
  • Automation of volume in mixer channel instead of volume of instrument.
  • Use of compressor for VSTi instruments as it already has an inbuilt compressor and much more effects.
  • Use of multiple bass (sub) with multiple notes as it creates distortion.  
  • Overuse of effects as it losses the sound quality of a whole track.

Just make your track simple but should be experimental.

                                                                                By Agnivesh Baghel

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