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Feb 8, 2012

ProjectSAM Orchestral Instruments, Robot Koch & More : Ableton


Ableton Notification

Ableton News - February 2012

New Orchestral Instruments from ProjectSAM, Artist Stories from Robot Koch and Hecq, and More


  1. New Partner Instrument: ProjectSAM Orchestral Ensemble Essentials
  2. Ableton Artists: Robot Koch and Hecq
  3. New Section on Library
  4. Tutorial: Working with Session View
  5. Bring Your Talents to the Ableton Team!

1. New Partner Instrument: ProjectSAM Orchestral Ensemble Essentials

Put the power of an orchestra in Ableton Live with ProjectSAM Orchestral Ensemble Essentials. Custom-built for Live, and featuring expertly sampled strings, brass and woodwinds, OEE is a versatile tool for anyone looking for orchestral sounds.

2. Ableton Artists: Robot Koch and Hecq

Robot Koch: Beats in the Details
Whether positioning a clap and snare hit just slightly off time, or using a ripped up piece of paper for percussion, it's the little things that give Robot Koch's beats such a deep, unique signature. Koch demonstrates the many individual tweaks in Ableton Live that make up his distinctive grooves.
Hecq: Precision and Power
A producer of vividly detailed electronic sound, Hecq uses Ableton Live for both the tense, muscular music of his albums and his intricate sound-design work.

3. New Section on Library

We've recently added a new section to our website, called the Library. The Library is sorted by category, and makes it easy to discover, browse and learn about all of Ableton's Instruments, devices and sounds. Between Ableton Instruments, Partner Instruments, Max for Live devices and free Live Packs, there's much more than just Live available at

4. Tutorial: Working with Session View

Ableton Live's Session View is one of its most unique features. Use it to try out different loops, perform, compose non-linearly, or even assemble a full track in multiple scenes. In this video tutorial, Ableton Lead Clinician Huston Singletary introduces and explains Session View - great for beginners, or for seasoned users looking for a refresher.

Looking for more Ableton Live tutorial videos? Check out the full Getting Started series.

5. Bring Your Talents to the Ableton Team!

Interested in a career with Ableton? We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:
  • Junior C++ Developer (f/m)
  • Senior C++ Developer (f/m)
  • Expert C++ Developer/Technical Lead (f/m)
  • Head of Web Development and Operations (f/m)
  • Web Developer (f/m)
  • Python Developer (f/m)
  • Tester (Website) (f/m)
  • Director Support + Office + IT (f/m)
  • Administrator (f/m) Windows/Linux
  • Employee (f/m) in the Logistics Team
  • Ausbildung zur/zum Kauffrau/-mann für Bürokommunikation (starting August 2012)
  • Internship in Human Resources

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