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Apr 11, 2011

How was the Sound of my first track - Agnivesh Baghel Story

When I started making music at 10, it was really a horrible experience for me. I had to make sounds like all other artist but that at time i was extremely upset because all the i was getting bored during the making of my track. I almost stopped making music because of my disappointed mind. My all music was sounding like distortion and simple. I didn't have knowledge of any music programing software. Everyday i m listening to different kinds of music so it obviously would inspire me to do something myself. As the software (fl studio) has getting developed, this made me more creative. I started noticing that why other's sounds are professional and why not my. Is there any sound effects they used or how their bassline are the quality or is that drum beat that makes their music pro. Really its hard to notice that what makes music good.

My brother Avinash, he's first music software was fl studio but he then jumped to Reason, Neundo and now Logic Pro (after getting MAC). He is better than me on music so he gave me some more ideas to be creative. But its not just IDEA but practice. My tracks were improving and improving so i joined the Youtube to get some feedbacks on my music and really i got the real supports from my friends on Youtube. Those comments are some most important parts of my music life. This gave me a huge confident to create more tracks. And the days gone and i am really feeling proud due to my youtube friends and comments.

This is my whole music story.
Hope you like my work.

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  1. Thanks dude...guess i am right now where you were when you started..


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