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Mar 6, 2011

What Vst instruments Agnivesh use?

Here is the list of my Vsti instruments

I mostly use Nexus and Sytrus.
Both of these are an awesome quality Synthesizer. Both includes Arps, bass, pads, leads and fx.
Nexus is somewhat CPU sucker.

Sylenth1 is the main plugin for my lead and bass.
This plugin sound like analog instruments as its sound quality is extremely good and too fatty.

This vst is easy to configure or customizing sound because its interface is nice. Nice fatty and good Sound Quality with Leads, Synth, pads, bass and fx.

A large collection of pads and ambient sound. I have planned to buy Omnisphere too but i need some more money :P. This vst also includes Leads, synth, bass, Analog Strings, and FX.

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