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Mar 2, 2011

Top 5 Midi Sequencer DAW Softwares for Music production

 1. FL Studio 

Absolutely FL Studio 10 should be at no.1 because it's a fastest language from your brain to the speaker. Easier than all other DAWs and awesome interface including high quality plugins like Sytrus, 3xOsc, Harmless etc. It is also a value for money compared to any other Daws because it gives you the lifetime free updates once you buy it. This software is developing so fast that in the future most of the famous artists might use this software.

Its unique keys features - 
  • Automation of most interface controls (FL Studio & plugins).
  • User-defined workflow - step, pattern or track-based sequencing.
  • 104 track mixer with sidechaining and multi-channel recording input/output.
  • Open standards plugin formats supported (VST & DX).

Official Website -

2. Ableton Live 
Ableton is specially built for Professional DJs which is the best software for live performance and it is an user friendly software. Ableton Live, like Reason, is perfectly capable of producing rich, complex tracks without the help of additional MIDI hardware (although, it supports a large variety of MIDI hardware controllers and other non-ReWire plugins). Between its Looper, Drum Rack, real-time mixing and patching and stabilized, "Live" performance mode, producers, musicians and DJs can produce and perform entirely from the computer--or control remotely using external hardware.

Unique Key features - 
  • Arrangement View
  • Real-time/Live performance and production capabilities
  • Beat and music sequencing features
  • Improved warp and quantize features
Official website -

3. Reason 

Reason is a special type of sound rack which provides a tones of instruments in which we have to learn it deeply to get our desired sound. The latest version of this software has got so many awards by the votes of music producers.The word "professional" is often carelessly thrown around apropos software (music production software included). With Reason, the adjective is refreshingly accurate.  

Unique Key Features
  • Three different synthesizers for three distinct sounds
  • Highly-effective, intuitive samplers
  • Percussion tools and drum pads
  • Fully-customizable hardware-to-software Rack
Official Website -


4. Apple Logic Pro 

It could be at no.1 Rank if it could come with windows version but unfortunately it only comes in a MAC version. I have a MAC too and I produce tracks with it. It is even better than FL Studio 9. It has over 50 GB of sound library which is hard to compare their sound with real analog instruments.The Logic Express has more features, tools, functionalities, and offers improved performances and more-polished finished results.

Unique Key Features - 
  • Built to be compatible with Apogee, Euphonix and other 3rd party hardware manufacturers.
  • Intuitive track layering, mixing and overdubbing
  • Guitar effects and amp design suite with optional tablature expression.
  • Drum replacer
  • Splice-free "Flex Tool"
Official Website -

5. Cubase 

Cubase 6 has been launched and may be it can beat other DAWs in the future because of its fast developing technology. This software has lots of unique feature which is not included in any other DAWs. 

Unique Key Features -
  • A new transient detection — to slice them all
  • Straightforward drum replacement



Official Website-

If you think there are difference in sound qualities of all the different DAWs then you are absolutely WRONG!! Read this Carefully

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  1. Wtf? i don't approve your top 5 noway.

    1 - Cubase 6 (or Cubase 5 too)

    2 - Ableton Live

    3 - Logic Pro 9 (Pro9 has MORE features than Studio and Express Version)

    4 - Reason 5 (like midi sequencer is better thank FL for many "reasons" lol)

    5 - FL Studio 9

    FL and Reason can contend their positions, but MY Top 5 is that.


  2. yes, i know the new updates, FL is not better than cubase

  3. Cubase Fan Boys, everyone have ur own way to make music, i used cubase, ableton, reason, and i am so sorry, FL the best DAW to work with music, the FL 10 is a evolution!

    1° FL!
    2º Logic Pro
    3º Ableton
    4° Reason
    5° Cubase

  4. Those guys who always says Cubase is the best of the universe, it's coz they were stucked on cubase, cubase interface is so confused, even the new one, i respect cubase, they have years working with it, but be a Fan Boy just coz another software "FL Studio", have been better than others in so many ways, it's kinda weird, doesnt matter witch software you work, if theres a good result, so go for it, but we always find the best solution for our needs. FL 10 rocks!

  5. i have fl 10, cubase 5, ableton live 8,& Reason 5. i cant really talk about logic or protools coz i dont have one. but from those 4 above fl studio takes my vote.

  6. REAPER,is the man in buisness!

  7. Try it REAPER...i'm using FL Studio for loops making only

  8. Boys, it's really the time to give fl studio the real credit it deserves. There's no other DAW interface as good as fl. Apart from some live sound issues fl studio should be with no doubt the best DAW. Change the settings for the quality you're going after. FL ROCKZ!


  10. Logic users think they are saving the World by useing apple lol.Logic sounds just as cheesey as Fl Studio the sounds are like glass.1 Live 8 2. Cubase 3.Logic 4.Reason 5.Fl Studio is last because it's a freakin toy.No pro would allow it to be in his studio.What is wroung with you newbies lmfao.Sounds like you need to practice some more.I have a Grammy and my Producer uses Pro-tools HD.

  11. Mixcraft 5 is the best no question and is often overlooked by EVERYONE

  12. I've worked with Cubase, Live, Reaper, Reason, FL... My son likes the non-linear approach which I showed him on FL years ago. Since then he has settled on Live8 paired with one of those matrix controllers. But he mixes more and plays less these days... I prefer good ol' linear, paired with my ProjectMix I/O. I really like Reaper but Cubase5 takes #1 for me.

  13. @Anon from Dec 30. You do not have a grammy. Oh, and actually quite a few pros use FL Studio. Get over it.

    Back OT: I agree with your list, although I'd have put Logic in 3rd. I'm quite interested in the upcoming Bitwig Studio, though it remains to be seen if it can get me over my FL Studio addiction. ;)

    I use FL Studio because it works for me, not me working for it. I've tried a few others, including many not on this top 5, but everytime I come back to FL.

    At the end of the day, the tools you use mean nothing; it's the music you make that matters. These people that rage like nothing at any given software fail to understand this. :(

  14. FlStudio ? Best midi sequencer ???

    I'm using FL since ages, it's obviously NOT the best midi sequencer... It's not even a GOOD midi sequencer...

  15. You guys just got to be kidding?!?!?!? FL Studio it's good enough to produce, but the final result it's less powerfull than anothers DAWs. I studied DSP and we make some exercises to compare the different main DAW's capability... Well, FL Studio doesn't get in this competition, obviously!

    Logic shows the best DSP, and Pro Tools it's the better for recording sounds. We analysed hundreads of samples in each DAW and after that, we compared our results with another school in Holand, and that was just the same!

    However, i believe that anyone can do very great music (in a professional way!) with FL Studio, but it will be more easy in another daw!!! I use FL Studio for so many years, that i can recognize its taste when i listen ... :(

  16. woa, guyz plz, i use fl to make music and ableton to live, "the daw chose you, no you to daw" :P

  17. FL Studio is one of the best, simple as fuck.

  18. FL
    logic pro
    adobe audition

    pls.. send me and installer if any have for free... i want to make my own music, i wanna be a dj

  19. This depend on the one you started with and you found yourself confortable, I reall prefer Reason

  20. FL is not a pro audio tool. It is a toy compared to tools like Cubase.

    FL may be the best for amateurs wanting to quickly write some neat music. But FL could never give me what Cubase + EastWest does.

    1. You should try pairing fl studio with the kontakt player from native instruments and load up cinematic strings. Check this link and hear what I mean.

  21. Tell that to Avicii, Afrojack, Skream, and much more amazing producers.

  22. If you want the Logic sound on a pc quicly, you must go for FL or Live. Cubase & nuendo.... are a pot

  23. Fl is only as professinal as the person using it.

  24. Nice, accurate and to the point. Not everyone can provide information with proper flow.
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  25. the only problem i found with FL was the lack of good instruments.a few days ago i tried reason and i was amazed by the quality of the i rewired reason to fl studio ,so problem solved.....i think FL+Reason is the best solution for music production

  26. What MUCK

    This is how it should be

    1. Cubase
    2. Logic
    3. Ableton
    4. Reason
    5. FL

    if the list went to 50, id put FL at 50. ITS A TOY.

  27. 1. Cubase/Nuendo
    2. Logic
    3. Ableton
    4. FL
    5. Reason


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