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Mar 21, 2011

How to use Compressor in FL Studio Limitor

Compressor is one of the most important effect for audio tracks. Especially for our "trance" track. If you don't use compressor, then your sound will get messed up like distorting. Nobody would like to sound their tracks like that. Using compressor can solve this problem. Here is my quick tips to use this effect.
Here are the Steps 

1. Add Limitor in your Kick channel or any channel where you want in Mixer.
2.Switch to "COMP" as shown in picture.

3. Set the "THRES" (which is threshold) to the signal will be compressed.
4. Increase the "RATIO" to apply the amount of threshold.

KNEE (Blue) - Compression rate. Sets the transition between no and full compression. The compression ratio can be set to increase gradually (soft knee) or rapidly (hard knee). The compression envelope will display while the knob is held.
SAT (Saturation) - Controls the level over which saturation will be applied. The Lower the threshold (turn left) the more saturation will be applied to the signal. Set by ear.

5. Adjust the ATTACK level to set how quickly the compression shows the feedback.
6. Don't decrease the RELEASE at very low because it may cause distortion to the sound. 

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