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Mar 29, 2011

How to Adjust and Set "Attack and Release" in Compressor

I use compressor of FL Studio and its "limiter" effect also includes compressor feature which is more powerful then an old default compressor. Both compressor uses less CPU. You can also use compressor as hardware which comes in different varieties.

FL Studio Compressor

FL Studio Limitor

Adjusting the Attack and Release Knob is very useful for mixing in a whole track. We know that all track has Low, Mid High Frequency band.

Low Frequency Band - are around 80 Hz. It is specially for bass and kick sound.  Once you drop below 20 Hz, sounds are not heard as much as they are felt.  Low frequencies can cause low end rumble and negatively effect speech intelligibility.  Therefore, when used on a channel for vocals - speech and song, cut the low end frequencies.  But not all vocals...singers who are true bass singers will get really low when they sing.  Again, two range octave.

Mid Frequency Band - It is  usually from 100Hz to 3kHz (3000Hz).  This is the standard (typical) range of frequencies that we hear.  The bass instrument frequencies can be as high as 240Hz so while defined as "bass" the range is still within the midrange frequencies.  The midrange control, again, is about a two octave span.

High frequency Band - are around 12 kHz ...ninth octave F# if you want to play that note on a piano to hear exactly where that is.  This control has a two octave range when set at 12kHz.  Using this control, you can add crispness to instruments.  In EQ you can also use it to eliminate the hissing S out of vocals - speech or song.

Now with Compressor

Always keep the attack level low at Low Frequency Band (e.g.Kick, bass, etc) as it helps to mix booming sound in a track.

Always keep the attack level slightly lower than medium (160 ms) at mid frequency band (e.g. Bass, Vocals, Strings,etc).

Always keep the attack level slightly more than medium at high frequency band (e.g. Vocals, Percussions or cymbals, pluck, piano etc.) as it helps to increase the sound clarity in a whole track.

Set the Release level at medium like 1000ms for all instrument otherwise if it is low then it sound distorted.

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