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Dec 24, 2010

Which vsti has best sound quality

I recommend you to use Philharmonic for strings which has best orchestral sounds. It occupies 3 GB of space for its library.

Rob papen Boombass for bass. It is my favorite vsti for bass.

I use Atmosphere for pads, strings, bass, ambient, fx and of course for synth. It has over 3GB of sound collection. Its nice interface makes me feel like in heaven. Go and try it.

Nexus 2 which is the best vsti for arpeggiator. This vst has over 16 GB of sound expansions kits which has extremely high quality sounds. It includes Arps, pads, synth, bass, lead, strings, also drum. I think it includes all those sounds for which we want to create a single track.

Massive is my newest vsti for mashup synth sound. It has feature called midilearn by which we can assign knob to midi controller to control it. Massive is a high quality from native instruments which can never be ignored for any trance track.

Absynth 5 for extreme different sounds which can't be found in any other vsti(s). Massive and Absynth both have sound categorizing feature from which we can easilty find our desired sounds.  

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