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Dec 24, 2010

Top 5 music Sequencer for audio productions

Here is the list of  top 5 sound sequencer for music productions.

1.Ableton live 8
2.Logic Pro 9
3.FL Studio 9
4.Reason 5
5.Pro tools

1.Ableton Live 8
Ableton live 8 comes in Mac and Windows version. This software is excellent for live performance, mixing, arranging, and sequencing notes. It has not good interface but its powerful. Most of the DJs using it as it is on top audio editing software.

2.Logic Pro 9
.Logic Pro 9 is a god gift for the mac users as it has a powerful realistic sound generator. It has over 50 GB of  sounds. Its easy to use and amazing interface. It is on 2nd rank because it comes in mac version not windows.

3.FL Studio 9
FL Studio 9 is a easiest language from your brain to speaker. It has a very good interface in which we can works easily with it. It is on 3rd rank because it comes only in winows version not mac and its sound quality is also not good enough.

4.Reason 5
Reason 5 is fully designed for professional sound mastering and qualtiy. It has an ablility to create realistic sounds but not designed for live performance. It has professional interface but not easy to use. It comes in windows and mac version.

5.Pro tools M-Powered
Pro tools is fully featured for M-Audio hardware. It has not enough sounds to create tracks but it has a powerful audio building capability. It is also good for mastering and mixing and comes in both mac and windows version.

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