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Dec 26, 2010

Tips for making Trance music

We know there are lots of DJs like Tiesto, Paul van dyk, etc are producing their trance album and releasing it to become more famous. But do you know why they are famous and we are not?
Because when they started their career, they have always tried to do something different. They always had want to sounds different from others and when the people hears to them, people tries to create their tracks just like those DJs.

Here are some tips to keep in your mind for making trance music.

At the Start to make your track:
  • Always be different.
  • Don't think too hard. Feel free to make music (not only in trance)
  • Be serious on your work.
  • Don't hear to any other music when you are making your own.
  • Use Descent headphone to avoid external Disturbance.

Be Creative
  • Practice by creating tracks at your free time.
  • Don't worry about your sounds that it is bad. Practice can make it better.
  • Always try to do some experiments.
  • Don't add too much sounds at the same time otherwise it sounds awkward.
  • Bass and Drum has the main roll in all trance music. So concentrate in your bassline and Drumbeats.
  • Don't start the new project before completing the previous one.
  • If you don't know how to use those tools you are using then try searching it on google.
  • Daily spend minimum half an hour in your tracks.
  • When you are free, always listen to different types of music not to just trance.
  • If you think that all vsts sounds different then you are wrong. They almost have same sound but difference in quality. So use minimum vst in which you can tweak them easily.

After completing the Track
  • Compare your music to other tracks to check what's the difference in sound quality.
  • Leave your track for some days and check it back.
  • Use EQ, Limiter and Reverb to master your tracks.
That's all for this article.
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Thanks for giving a time on reading this article.

Agnivesh Baghel

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  1. thnx man it really helped

  2. I know nothing much about trance, but i love those crazy harmonies. I find multi tasking on the guitar very complicated. How do you suggest that I approach this?


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