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Dec 28, 2010

Short tricks for creating Trance Music in FL Studio

Create your chords in plucking sound in piano roll. Go to tools of piano roll (not fl studio) and click on "Arpeggiator" and their you can select a lot of presets of types of arpeggiator.

Create Sidechain on all pads and strings by adding gross beat without affecting the kick. After adding gross beat find sidechain button inside gross beat and click it. You can tweak the sidechain level too by increasing or decreasing the volume of gross beat where you added in Mixer.

After creating a simple Hihat line (Cymbals) you can add "delay" effect on it for humanizing effect. You can do this by

  • Select Hihat channel 
  • Right click on any empty channel of mixer 
  • Go to "link selected channel" and Click on "to this track"
Then in a right side, there you can add delay effect.

I hope It would help you to create your own trance. Thanks for reading !

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