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Dec 30, 2010

Quick tips for using "Audio Compressor"


Compressor is one of the most important effect for audio tracks. Especially for our "trance" track. If you don't use compressor, then your sound will get messed up like distorting. Nobody would like to sound their tracks like that. Using compressor can solve this problem. Here is my quick tips to use this effect.

You generally see at least five knobs in compressor. These are Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release and Gain.

I am not telling you the definitions of all the knobs but just how to use it.

Compression is use to control the dynamic range any particular sound. I generally use compressor on Kick, bass, Crash Cymbals, Attacking synth, and on some impacting FX. I don't use it on Strings, pads, Snare.

To use compressor properly like on kick, Decrease the threshold, increase the attack, set the telease to medium, and then carefully tweak the ratio. Move the ratio until it sound good. Increase the Gain if your sound level became low after tweaking four other knobs.

Note- Don't set the ratio too high, it looses its clarity.

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