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Dec 25, 2010

Basics for midi recording in FL Studio 9

Are you new in Audio programming and you don't know how to score music by a keyboard, then here is a quick tutorial.

Plug in your midi keyboard to your computer. Make sure the power of your keyboard is on when connected to pc. The message will appear in your pc "installing new hardware". Just wait a second till it completes. After installing hardware completion, open FL Studio. Go to option, then click on midi settings where you see midi devices. If your keyboard name is appearing in the midi settings it means that the keyboard is supported for fl studio. Then click on "enable" below the name of the keyboard to enable the midi feature.
Now you midi keyboard is set up to fl studio for scoring.

Now choose your instrument, vst or whatever you want. Right click on record button near the play button and make sure the "score" is checked. Then click on record button to record inputs from the keyboard. After recorded you would see, the notes in piano roll is not at exact position because of your timing. You can solve this problem by quantization. Go to tools and click on quantize or simply press Control + Q to quantize and it will automatically set the notes at its exact place. You can control your quantization options in tools in piano roll.

You are done!

if your experiencing a problem like when you recording, the sound is coming and recording lately then make sure you asio driver install. if not then click here to download. If already installed then go to fl studio options and click on audio settings. Click on "show asio pannel" and decrease your buffer size.

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